Project Overview

The goal of the Data Governance at Dartmouth is to understand our current environment, develop a framework for governing our institutional data, and implement the framework across the institution.

Mission Statement

Adopt an updated data governance program to fully realize the strategic vision of ensuring that institutional data are trusted, understood, accurate, and, through a centralized infrastructure model, secure and accessible in a consistent manner.

Guiding Principles

  • Reliability of institutional data
  • Common set of institutional data owned by the Trustees of Dartmouth College
  • Privacy and Security of institutional data
  • Accessibility of institutional data
  • Compliance

Key Objectives

  • Asset Utilization: standardize how institutional data are stored, accessed, and protected 
  • Consistent Reporting: establish consistency in our institutional data and how they are used in reporting
  • Lower Risk: identify institutional data of the highest importance, secure them with the highest level of rigor, and ensure appropriate retention and disposition practices
  • Increase Efficiencies: consolidate siloed data and resources to create a common set of data from which to drive greater mission effectiveness
  • Inclusivity: build an enduring culture of data governance with participation from students, staff, faculty, and alumni, to unite stakeholders and their data around a common purpose